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Diamond Education

West & Co. Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

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Diamond Education

Diamond Information and Trivia

Diamonds are the most beautiful, ancient and enduring pieces of GOD’s fingertips found on planet Earth. We would like to share some amazing facts about these glorious creations:

Diamond Rarety

  • It takes a million diamonds mined in order to obtain just one ONE carat diamond.
  • If you take 1,000 piles of diamonds with 1,000 diamonds in each pile –  you will only find one ONE carat diamond.
  • 1 pile of 1,000 diamonds takes more than a day to sort through – so it’s a year endeavor to find a carat.
  • 5 million diamonds are mined to find one single TWO carat diamond.
  • 80% of all diamonds mined are for industry, such as NASA, drills, etc., only 20% are gem quality.

Diamond Education - The 4Cs

The most important aspect of a diamond is the cut. The right cut can make even a lower color or clarity diamond sparkle like a star. Although there is a lot of science behind a diamond, there is also the matter of taste and individual perception of what makes a diamond beautiful. While not everyone will share the same opinion as to what constitutes beauty, most people do want a diamond that expresses their individual taste and personality.  We are your local Prescott, AZ experts in helping you find the best quality diamond at the best possible price.

Here’s what you should consider before purchasing a diamond in Rochester, NY: Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, Diamond Clarity, and Carat Weight.  These are known as the 4Cs of diamond grading.  To see a full explanation of each of the 4Cs, click on the characteristic you wish to learn more about:

Color Cut Clarity Carat

Diamond Mining

  • The only diamond mines known left are in Australia, Russia, Africa and Canada.
  • It would take 250 one-ton dump trucks full (1 mile long) to find one ONE carat diamond! That’s 250 tons to find ONE ONE carat!
  • A major pipe is a 50-year endeavor – there are only 6 years left in the Australian Argyle mine.
  • Only one out of  every 10 people have ever touched a 1 carat diamond.

The Many colors of Diamonds

When many people think of diamonds they think of “white” (colorless to near colorless) diamonds.  For a good reason too, the unequaled brilliance and beauty of a “white” diamond has been treasured for thousands of years. And while diamonds are rare things of beauty – every now and then nature takes it a step further and produces something so extraordinary I am at a loss to describe it.

A diamond with color.

Diamond Cut

  • 60% of the value of a diamond is in the cut.
  • 90% of all diamonds are cut to retain weight – thus the varying prices of diamonds. The most beautiful cuts result in the most shimmering and scintillating diamonds!
  • 1/10th of 1% of all diamonds are IDEAL cut!!!
  • In order to be ALLOWED to cut on one carat diamond –  the craftsman must apprentice 10 years – that’s the training of a meticulous surgeon.
  • Only 10% of diamond cutters are allowed to cut the truly most valuable one carat diamonds and up.
  • One slip on the cut and it’s GONE! That’s why diamond prices DO vary, and that’s why they just might be cheaper down the street!

The Endurance Factor of Diamonds

  • With a little respect they will last a lifetime.
  • Nothing else lasts forever.

It is the only universal symbol of love .

The Antiquity Value of Diamonds

  • Diamonds are the oldest known substance in the Earth’s crust.

They are 3.4 billion years old.Since 1940, diamonds have doubled in value about every 10 years, but that’s not the REAL value – diamonds are called priceless – yet a 1.00Ct. diamond can be very affordable.Diamonds are an investment in one’s life, memories, time, hope, security, and love.

History of Diamonds

Diamonds have held a special place in the world of gems for over 3000 years. Each and every diamond is completely unique with its own personality special beauty. No other gem has the brilliance, fire and hardness of a diamond. Men have sought, fought and worshiped diamonds; they were thought to have magical powers worth dying for. The name diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unconquerable. This made diamonds the gem of kings throughout the centuries. A diamond was a symbol of strength, courage, bravery and invincibility. It was also thought that diamonds would scare away the devil. It is diamonds hardness that has made it a symbol of power and strength thru the ages, but its rare beauty has also made it a symbol of love and romance. Diamonds where thought to be splinters of the stars that fell to earth or the tears from the Gods. It is the Ancient Greeks that first made diamonds a symbol of love. The first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by the Archduke of Austria Maximilian.

Diamond’s allure and beauty has even changed the course of history. The Kohinoor diamond, known as the “Mountain of Light”, is said to have been found 5000 years ago and was worn by the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabaharata. The diamond changed hands many times over the centuries and eventually ended up in England where it was re-cut and now is in the queen’s state crown. Another famous diamond the Orloff, was a gift of love to Catherin the Great from Prince Gregory Orloff.  France owner of the Regent (Or Pitt) but pledged it to Holland to fund Napoleons rise to power. He later reclaimed it and set it in the hilt of his state sward. And then there is the most famous of all, the Hope diamond. The Hope diamonds history is not clear until 1830 when Henry Phillip Hope brought the 45.52Ct. fancy dark blue diamond. The diamond had several owners when in 1911 it was sold to Evelyn Walsh McLean by Pierre Cartier, who may have invented the famous “curse” to help sell the exotic gem. None the less Mrs. McLean’s luck seemed to be cursed, she lost a son who was hit by a car, her husband divorced her and went insane, her daughter committed suicide and she was a morphine addict. When Mrs. Mc Lean died in 1947 the diamond was brought by Harry Winston who used the diamond to raise money for charity. In 1958 he donated the gem to the Smithsonian where you can see it today.

Diamond is pure carbon, the same as the carbon in a pencil. The only difference is how the atoms are bound. Diamonds have the simplest composition of all gems. Diamonds are also the hardest substance known. Only another diamond can scratch a diamond. They can, however, be chipped or cleaved with a sharp blow. Diamonds formed deep in the earth, billions of years ago, under the immense the heat and pressure that existed at that time in earth history. They are one of the oldest known substances in the earths crust about 3.4 billion years. Each and every diamond you see today is millions of years old. Volcanic eruptions forced the diamonds upward toward the surface where they are mined today. It take an average of about 250 tons of the diamond bearing rock known as kimberlite to find one one carat diamond. It takes a million minded diamonds in order to find a single one carat diamond. Of all the diamonds mined only 20% are gem quality. The rest is used in industrial applications.